Christmas the healthy way

Christmas is a time to remember an event a long time ago but we tend to go a bit overboard on the food! Like any party, there are certain things we feel like we must have – I include myself in that. The average person puts on a few pounds over Christmas. So, what can we do about it. Eat and be merry? My advice would be to ‘eat and keep active’, obviously not going overboard with the eating (and drinking).

Check out this link to a table of the British Nutrition Foundation website which gives you some idea of the amount of activity you need to do to burn off the calories in certain Christmas foods. So why not go dancing for an hour with some friends this Christmas and help burn off some of those Christmas nibbles.

Have a very merry Christmas.

Published by Aliya Porter

An experienced Registered Nutritionist helping you to live healthily without breaking the bank or chaining you to the kitchen.

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