Jacket potato with tuna and salad

The humble jacket potato gets a lot a bad press but potatoes are a good source of starchy carbohydrate and vitamins, we just need to be careful what we put on them. Jacket potatoes are also a relatively cheap meal. The focus should be on the vegetables. For a main meal, aim to have 2Continue reading “Jacket potato with tuna and salad”

Should we even be selling food which can cause harm?

This is a question to wrestle with. I am not going to give you the answer but share a few thoughts to start off your dinner time discussion! With the latest cancer prevention report suggesting processed meat should, if possible, be avoided and the government consulting (finally) on a total ban of the sale ofContinue reading “Should we even be selling food which can cause harm?”

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

I recently had the opportunity to speak to midwives at the Northern Maternity and Midwifery Festival about nutrition in pregnancy. If you are a health professional who works with pregnant women, or those trying to become pregnant, here is a little CPD. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you may find the informationContinue reading “Healthy Eating in Pregnancy”

Cooking with children – part 1

This is the first in a series of articles for parents and carers about the skills I think children need to develop around cooking When it comes to cooking with our children it is easy to get into the habit of baking with our children rather than cooking with them. Teaching our children cooking skillsContinue reading “Cooking with children – part 1”

Eating to reduce your risk of cancer

Today sees the launch of the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research. The report takes all the studies on cancer and brings them together to see what the evidence base is. It takes all the individual studies you see in the newspapers and many more and brings them together. The report is 2000Continue reading “Eating to reduce your risk of cancer”

Eating healthily whilst pregnant and nauseous

Congratulations you are pregnant! Exciting times ahead and what a responsibility; you are the sole provider of nutrition for your unborn baby. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also have to deal with nausea, tiredness, aches… Who would be pregnant!? As someone who couldn’t open my mouth without being sick for a period ofContinue reading “Eating healthily whilst pregnant and nauseous”

Portion sizes for children

All children are different and have different appetites. Here are 8 tips to help all those with responsibility for feeding children to know how much to give them. Know the child’s weight and get them weighed regularly (at least once a year for school-age children, more often for younger children). If they are tracking alongContinue reading “Portion sizes for children”

Consultation on Nutrient Profiling

There is currently a consultation out on the thresholds for which foods can be advertised to children. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-the-uk-nutrient-profiling-model-2018-review Here is my response: I welcome the proposed changes in the nutrient profiling. I specifically welcome the change from total sugar to free sugar in line with the SACN recommendations for free sugars. There is a lotContinue reading “Consultation on Nutrient Profiling”

Musings of a nutritionist in Scarborough

  On a recent trip to the seaside (in a rather cold week in February) I came across a couple of activities in the market hall in Scarborough which I thought I would share. As I entered into the old hall I was pleasantly surprised to see a traditional butcher and masses of fresh fruitContinue reading “Musings of a nutritionist in Scarborough”