Whether you are already pregnant or trying to conceive, nutrition is important.

There are lots of myths around nutrition in pregnancy, ‘eating for 2’ is one and it can be hard to know what to eat when you are trying to conceive to prepare your body for pregnancy or when you are pregnant and not feeling 100%.

What you eat before and during pregnancy can impact your health and your baby’s health for years to come so it is well worth the investment.

I have a free pregnancy factsheet for you.

Work with me 1-1

I also offer one to one consultations to help you put the advice into practice. If you can, I would recommend one before you try to get pregnant, one in each trimester and one after baby is born. I know that’s an investment but it will help you make a real difference to your health.

Attend a a postnatal nutrition session

The postnatal nutrition session is designed for pregnant women to learn about what they need to recover from pregnancy and birth giving them the most energy to face the newborn days and supporting breastfeeding. Find out more, drop me a message.