RNutr supervision circle

Are you an RNutr who works independently of other nutritionists and sees clients 1-1? This circle is for you.

Why this service?

  • According to the Association for Nutrition (emphasis added) “Nutritionists practising independently or in a freelance capacity are less likely to have regular contact and support from other nutrition professionals. Therefore, it is important to regularly undertake Continual Professional Development (CPD) activities.” So they state in the Standards for Independent and Freelance Practice that we need to: “Demonstrate regular reflection, evaluation and development of professional practice and competence. To achieve this, you must ensure you: Apply reflective practice to your activities, auditing and amending own practice to manage risk and improve output (and) Establish appropriate support systems, understanding the importance of support for development at all career stages and experience levels, for example, RNutr to ANutr mentorship, or RNutr to RNutr peer support
  • Whilst it is possible to establish your own peer support, that can be difficult as a freelancer or someone working independently. Also having a structure can help us to be more committed to regular and meaningful contact.
  • Supervision of this nature can be expensive for freelance or individual practitioners so the service is designed to offer a way to reduce the cost whilst still providing the necessary support.

Outline of the service

The service is for RNutr delivering 1-1 consultations. There are other networks for freelancers more generally but this group seeks to support those with experience delivering 1-1s. 1-1s are often seen as just something you do when you start out. This group seeks to strive for excellence for our clients with the experience we bring.

The service would involve quarterly meet ups planned in advance to take place online.

Find out more

To find out more about this service, the costs and the benefits, drop me a message.