1 to 1 consultations

Whether you are wanting to improve your health or your family’s health, I can offer you a one to one consultation to support you. I offer appointments face to face in Manchester or over Skype. Followup appointments can also be over the phone.

Pre pregnancy nutrition – if you are thinking of having a baby, get your body (and your partner’s) in the best possible shape beforehand

Pregnancy nutrition – your body is growing a whole new person, it needs the right balance of nutrients for good health

Infant and toddler nutrition -Weaning, fussy eating, and support for you as a parent to help your child thrive

Weight management – this could be because you want to lose weight or because you want to maintain weight alongside a busy life . I have helped men and women to achieve their goals

I can also offer support to reduce blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol (as long as you are seeing your GP).

If you can’t see the support you want listed here. Please get in touch. Either I can help or help you find someone suitably qualified.

As a Registered Nutritionist, there are certain conditions which I will refer you to a dietitian for support as they have clinical training so you will be best supported by them. I want you to get the best possible help so I will only support you if I have the necessary skills.

How does the service work?

All advice is tailored to you. Firstly I will arrange an initial consultation (up to an hour) and we will talk through what you want to get out of the service, your history, likes and dislikes etc and then we will set some initial goals. Following this, we will arrange followup appointments either over the phone or face to face/over video chat, depending on the level of support. I don’t offer packages because the number of appointments varies hugely from person to person. I just offer very competitive rates so you get the best from me for the lowest price. There are no hidden extras.

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