Weaning (starting solids as it is now officially called) is such an important stage of a child’s development but we are often not given enough information to know how to do it well.

It is my hope that through interacting with the content I produce and the face to face work I do, you will feel confident. Confident you are doing the right thing nutritionally, confident you are doing the right thing for your family and confident you are building solid foundations for the future.

I have written an ebook to get you started.

I also offer a range of weaning and early years services for children under 5 through Weaning Centre. I made a bespoke weaning website to make it easier for you to find support. Whether it’s information on the language you use around food, or introducing allergies or which foods are good for iron, I’ve got you covered. Head over to Weaning Centre for more information about weaning, weaning services and resources to use with your children.

Services include:

First Foods Course

One to one consultations for you and your little one


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