The Porter Nutrition blog is a way of finding out about food and nutrition from an expert and someone who lives what they advise

Hi, I’m Aliya, I’m a Registered Nutritionist, mum of 3 and community campaigner. I’ve worked for charities, the NHS and private sector. I volunteer in lots of places – I’m a Regional Rep for the Association for Nutrition, a toddler group leader, and the Chair of a local park group.

Why am I so bloated?

My clients often ask me about bloating. It’s very common. It’s also very uncomfortable for anyone who is experiencing it. What do I do first?  As a Registered Nutritionist, I will always ask clients to see their GP to rule out any underlying medical conditions before we try to work together. Why? Not because I wantContinue reading “Why am I so bloated?”

Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is exactly what it says, counting the number of calories in food. Some of us do this for interest. Some because we have been told how many calories we need and want to maintain, gain or lose weight. 1g of fat is 9 calories 1g of protein is 4 calories 1g of carbohydrateContinue reading “Calorie Counting”


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