Fruitful marriage – marriage prep session

Getting married? Yay!

Did you know we make hundreds of food decisions a day? (not just about what to serve on the big day!)

Given the number of decisions, have you discussed food with your partner to be?

From who cooks, who shops and who does the dishes, to what role food plays in our routine, our celebrations, our hospitality; it’s important.

To give you a springboard for discussions join me for a 2 hour session allowing plenty of time for discussion with your partner about this.

What the session covers:

  • What did food look like in your past
  • What is it like now
  • What do you hope it will look like in marriage
  • What role does food play in your health
  • What might you need to change ahead of having a family

What to expect

There will be some sections of presentation to get you thinking about the different ways food is part of our lives followed by blocks of time where you and your partner can discuss your own experiences and talk about what you want to take forward. Then there is some time for feedback if you want to share and also time for questions.

The session is delivered over Zoom and you will be sent a workbook a few days before to help guide your discussions.

Who is the session for?

Couples who are considering marriage, engaged or newly wed. Whether you have attended another marriage preparation course or not, this session is for you. This session goes deeper on this important issue.

Why should we attend?

One couple said: “We focused our discussion on the emotional context of food which was really helpful for revealing patterns we were unaware of. And we have already implemented some of the fertility and food suggestions!” Rebecca and Tony

Food is central to our socialising, our day, our culture, our comfort. Having the chance to discuss this with your partner will reveal things you didn’t know about each other and help you go forward more aware of each others’ needs and patterns. It will help you start the conversations around what you want food to look like in your marriage.

Starting the conversation about the role food plays in health and in starting a family will equip you to make changes you feel you want to make without pressure for the benefit of your marriage and your family.

Still not sure?

Here is what 2 couples said when asked if they had any reservations about joining (both said they would recommend the session to friends after they attended!):

“Yes a little. Didn’t really know what was involved or how beneficial it would be.” Matthew and Joy

“That it would make us feel guilty and stressed about the things we weren’t doing right. But that wasn’t the case at all.” Anon

Upcoming dates:

Please get in touch. I am also happy to run a private session for a minimum of 4 couples

How much is the session?

Just £20 a couple. That’s cheaper than a takeaway!

Who is the session delivered by?

Aliya Porter is a Registered Nutritionist. She has been married to Andrew since 2008 and has 3 children.

Terms and conditions

  • No recording of the session is permitted
  • Refunds will be issued only if more than 5 days notice is given, after which no refunds can be made. A £5 admin fee will be incurred for all cancellations.
  • Handouts must not be shared. They are for the sole use of the couple
  • All participants must behave in an appropriate manner or they will be removed from the session without refund
  • A Zoom link will be sent along with the workbook 4 days before the session
  • Porter Nutrition cannot accept responsibility for lost emails or for issues with internet connectivity on the user end.