10 tips to save money on fuel in the kitchen


With the cost of fuel being so high, saving money is so important.

I have put together 10 tips to help you save money

1. Put the lid on the saucepan

Keeping the lid on helps keep the heat in. It also reduces the amount of steam in the room so you are less likely to have to put the extractor fan on for ages or open the window.

2. Turn down the heat

Once your food has come to the boil, turn down the heat. Pasta, rice and veg cook well on a lower heat – you just need to keep the water simmering

3. Turn the heat off a couple of minutes before the end of cooking rice or pasta or veg

The heat from the water will continue to cook the ingredients after you turn the gas off so why not save some pennies and turn the gas off just before the food is cooked (don’t try this with meat and fish though).

4. Choose the correct size saucepan

If you have a pan which is too small for the ring, you lose lots of heat up the side so pick the right size pan to cover the whole electric ring or to sit so that the flames of the gas don’t go up the side of the pan.

5. Use a steamer

One ring of gas/electric and lots of levels. I like to cook my pasta/rice/potatoes on the bottom and my veg on the top.

6. Don’t keep opening the fridge or freezer

Every time you open the fridge the warmth of the kitchen goes into the fridge. This means it has to work harder to keep cool. Think through what you need before you open the fridge or freezer. Try not to stand there thinking what you might have too! And, for your freezer, you might want to consider having a mini wipeable chart which you can write what is in each drawer/on each shelf so you can quickly access what you need – and stop your hands freezing too!

7. Keep your freezer fairly full

When you open the freezer, warm air rushes in. The emptier your freezer is the more warm air can get in. A recent hack I saw was to put bags or boxes of water in your freezer to fill the gaps. Don’t pack it too tightly but this can help.

8. Maximise your oven use

If you need to use the oven, think what else you can cook at the same time. I like to cook chicken breasts at the same time as another meal which I thinly slice for sandwiches – it’s much cheaper than buying pre cooked meat.

9. Consider a pressure cooker

If you have some money to invest to save money long term, consider a pressure cooker. You can cook soups, veg, meat, pulses and a fraction of the time.

10. Consider a slow cooker

Although slow cookers are on for a while, they are often much more efficient than having the oven on. Choose recipes which don’t need to have lots of things part cooked first and you are on to a winner – and a time saver.

Enjoyed these tips? Why not share them with a friend? You can also download the free factsheet with all the tips and stick it to your fridge as a prompt.

Image of gas hob by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

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