Oh so sweet

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you. Remember the rhyme? Ever heard someone respond ‘I’m sweet enough already’ when offered sugar in their tea? Sugar has long been known to be bad for our health if used in excess. Sadly many of us use it in excess and even more sadly, some of big industries’ loudest voices quietened the man who knew a long time ago that sugar was bad for us. Check out this article.

Fortunately we are starting to realise that both fat and sugar are not great in excess. Check out this quite long but very cute polar bear drama which shows just how bad sugar can be.

So next time you reach for the low fat yoghurt thinking it is the healthy option, spare a thought to sugar. Perhaps low fat plain yoghurt with some fruit would be better. It would certainly give you more fibre, more vitamins than your low fat bought yoghurt.

Published by porternutrition

I am a freelance Registered Nutritionist with NHS, charity and private sector experience. My passion is for improving health without breaking the bank and spending hours chained to the kitchen. I work with all ages but have specific focus on the youngest of the community as they start their food journey.

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