What your teenagers need to know about bones and diet

We take our bones for granted until something happens, don’t we. They are there to support us. You don’t tend to hear people talk about looking after their bones (except maybe the parents shouting across the children’s playground when their little one is performing a dangerous feat and they are trying to stop them breakingContinue reading “What your teenagers need to know about bones and diet”

My Platinum Pudding – Strawberry Anzac Biscuit Cheesecake – recipe

I entered this recipe into the Fortnum and Mason Platinum Pudding competition in 2022. I didn’t get shortlisted but it ticks all the boxes of fit for a Queen, has a story with meaning, uses accessible ingredients and uses utensils you would find in most kitchens. I made this Platinum Pudding for my family andContinue reading “My Platinum Pudding – Strawberry Anzac Biscuit Cheesecake – recipe”

Can food make my life better during menopause?

Menopause is a stage of life that we often hear about but it’s pushed aside as ‘women’s business’ and we don’t talk about it enough. Thankfully there has been more discussion about it recently and women are being encouraged to seek support. Fellow Registered Nutritionists Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns have done extensive work inContinue reading “Can food make my life better during menopause?”

Cost of living crisis – a nutritionist’s perspective

I don’t know about you but I have noticed a massive difference in the cost of the food I buy each week. I’ve always considered my shopping habits to be on the economical side. My main shop is at a budget supermarket and top ups on my local high street but the prices have rocketedContinue reading “Cost of living crisis – a nutritionist’s perspective”

Is bread really bad for me?

Bread has had a lot of bad press over the last few years. But is bread really that bad for us? What does bread contain? According to The Bread and Flour Regulations 1998 calcium carbonate, iron, thiamin (vitamin B1) and nicotinic acid or nicotinamide (vitamin B3) must be added to all wheat flour in Britain, withContinue reading “Is bread really bad for me?”

5 simple foods which are good for a healthy heart

Eating single foods will not make your heart healthy but there are certain foods (or types of food) which are ideal to include as a healthy heart diet Oily fish Oily fish contains omega 3 which can help reduce blood clotting and so it’s good to include. How much oily fish should we have? TheContinue reading “5 simple foods which are good for a healthy heart”

Easy and healthy snacks for your children

This week sees the launch of the NHS Food Scanner app. The app where you can scan your children’s snack products and find healthier alternatives. Review of the NHS Food Scanner app I gave it a try and here are some thoughts (followed by some of my own snack tips). What was good? Easy toContinue reading “Easy and healthy snacks for your children”

Succeeding with your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and you may have set some new years’ resolutions. The top new years’ resolutions for 2021, depending on which article you read, were to get fit, lose weight, and be more healthy. Did you set any of these or something completely different? What were yours? Can I help you with them?Continue reading “Succeeding with your New Year’s Resolutions”

Top healthy Veganuary tips from an expert

Veganuary is upon us. The supermarkets have cleared their Christmas shelves and made way for a wide range of vegan products to entice you to spend your pennies. I thought I’d catch up with a vegan dietitian for her thoughts on the subject to share with you. Heather Russell is a dietitian at The VeganContinue reading “Top healthy Veganuary tips from an expert”

Why am I so bloated?

My clients often ask me about bloating. It’s very common. It’s also very uncomfortable for anyone who is experiencing it. What do I do first?  As a Registered Nutritionist, I will always ask clients to see their GP to rule out any underlying medical conditions before we try to work together. Why? Not because I wantContinue reading “Why am I so bloated?”