Same upbringing, very different food habits

My two sons (so not a randomised controlled trial) have been raised with the same nutritional background but they are very different in their food choices. I have always been of the opinion that you should not change your own healthy eating habits to make way for the kids desire for pizza, pasta fried foods and sweet things. My older son can be encouraged to try pretty much anything, my younger one will not touch it if he doesn’t want to. The solution….I stand with the many frustrated parents whose children throw their food on the floor (mine has also once thrown his brother’s food on the floor), who leave the tea table having not eaten much or, in some cases, anything. He has even decided not to like pasta, yet he will eat pulses, savoy cabbage (off my plate) and lots of other veg.

My reason for writing this is to encourage parents that you are not alone and, if you can, keep calm and carry on. If you feel you can’t and they are winning, get back up.

Published by Aliya Porter

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