9th December

9 days in. Are you enjoying this alternative advent calendar? How have you got on with the recipes? Feel free to add comments 🙂

We are encouraged to eat a rainbow and this vegetable helps us with the violet section.

advent calendar 9th

If you are not familiar with this vegetable you might not recognise its beautiful patterned middle in the picture on the advent calendar. Today’s vegetable is red cabbage.

It’s not really red at all but it adds some colour to our plates all the same. Red cabbage is a source of vitamins A, C and K too. These vitamins are needed by the body to help maintain healthy skin and eyes, a healthy immune system and good blood clotting respectively.

Today’s recipe is more of an accompaniment rather than a meal. This is a rather festive treat. Great with a piece of unprocessed meat and some potatoes.  I would suggest using half a teaspoon of mixed spice if you don’t have the whole spices and cut down the sugar too – 3 tablespoons is plenty. Don’t forget that this recipe will count towards your ‘free sugar’ limit so if you have had other sweet things today, you might be best to steam your red cabbage or eat it raw in salad.

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