Sustainability – what it means to this business

In a recent network meeting sustainability in business was discussed. Most of the focus was on climate action but it led me to think about how Porter Nutrition is working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (see picture below)

As a small business I commit to do my part in the following goals

1. End poverty – a portion of my time will be spent supporting the Manchester Poverty Alliance – specifically the Food Poverty Alliance. I will only work with companies who are committed to providing a living wage for their staff

2. Zero Hunger – as above. I will also support the work of food banks where I can and support the campaign to end holiday hunger.

3. Good health and wellbeing – this is the core of my work. My focus will be on improving the health and wellbeing of all my clients

5. Gender Equality – I will support people equally regardless of gender.

7. Affordable and green energy – I will use green energy where possible and use the minimum amount of energy possible – turning off lights, reducing the temperature on my thermostat, using public transport or walking to work

10. Reducing inequalities – I will focus my energy, funding permitted, to supporting those who do not have access to good quality healthcare to reduce health inequalities. I will campaign for better healthcare in areas and to communities who do not have good access at the moment.

11. Sustainable cities and communities – I will use the services of local businesses including venues for hire, printing, resources, services where possible

12. Responsible consumption and production – I will seek to use as little paper as possible for my work, to recycle where possible, to reduce food waste and to limit plastic use.

13. Climate action – As in 7 and 12, and I will use public transport or walk to work, where possible. I will use facilities which are as energy efficient as they can be. I will not wear ‘fast fashion’

If you think I am missing something, please do get in touch. I am committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. My work should be to the benefit of people and planet and not detrimental to them.

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An experienced Registered Nutritionist helping you to live healthily without breaking the bank or chaining you to the kitchen.

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