Giving will power a helping hand in weight loss

Will power is crucial for weight management, especially when losing weight. Here are some things which can help you stick to healthy eating. I don’t pretend it is easy and that these tips will work for everyone, but that might.


1) Know the difference between hunger and thirst

Often we eat because we are thirsty rather than hungry. When you feel like you are hungry, try having a glass of water 20 minutes before you eat. Liquids should not replace food though, the recommendation is about 6-8 glasses of fluid a day.


2) Know the difference between hunger and a craving

A craving is the desire to eat something; hunger is the body’s way of saying we need to eat something. If you feel like having something to eat, wait 20 minutes, go and do something else to distract you, and then if you are still feeling the need to eat, then eat something.


3) Avoid having cakes and biscuits in the house (or whatever it is that you find hard to resist)

You will then have to actively go and get your treat which may help you differentiate between a craving and real hunger.


4) Don’t eat whilst watching TV

Adverts on TV will cause cravings and we are often so absorbed in the TV, we don’t realise how  much we are eating. You know the feeling of the automatic hand action putting popcorn in your mouth at the cinema!


5) If you have children, try and eat at the same time as they do

This is not always possible but it will help you avoid picking at food ahead of your meal later. If you can’t eat with them, make your child your focus whilst they are eating, ask them about their day, make conversation on whatever level is appropriate – they will enjoy the attention and it keeps your mind from thinking about food. Alternatively or in addition, have a drink whilst they eat so you are occupied.


6) If you like baking, try and bake things which can go in the freezer

Brownies, scones, and sponge cake freeze well. Put them in the freezer in single portions. This way you can get them out one at a time and you have to plan ahead so they are defrosted before you eat them. Cravings don’t stand a chance. (This tip only works if you don’t defrost them immediately in the microwave!)


7) Don’t shop when you are hungry

This has been tried and tested. If you are hungry, have a healthy snack and then do the shopping.



If you have any more you think others might find helpful, please add a comment.

Published by Aliya Porter

An experienced Registered Nutritionist helping you to live healthily without breaking the bank or chaining you to the kitchen.

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