Good mental wellbeing and nutrition

The longer I work in the field of nutrition the more I am convinced that we need to tackle mental wellbeing and nutrition together. It can’t be a coincidence that we have epidemics of both obesity and mental illness. We have to look at people as a whole. I am not saying anything new but perhaps highlighting an area where there needs to be more of a conversation between health professionals.

We are familiar with the term eating disorders and the majority of people are fortunate enough not to have to live with these, but disordered eating on the other hand is becoming more common. We respond to triggers other than hunger to eat and often reach for the ‘wrong foods’.

In my research recently I have found a lack of information on stress management and food. Apart from mindfulness, there seems little which links mental wellbeing and food.

Food for thought, perhaps?

Published by Aliya Porter

An experienced Registered Nutritionist helping you to live healthily without breaking the bank or chaining you to the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Good mental wellbeing and nutrition

  1. Best tips for cooking and frying, use vegetable oils instead of butter or lard. The more unsaturated fatty acids contained in an oil or fat, the healthier the effect of the particular oil. Yes- For example, rapeseed, peanut, walnut, linseed and soybean oil have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and protect against cardiovascular diseases.

    1. The main thing with fats for frying is that we should be using less fat and not frying at very high temperatures.

      For a low cost oil for frying, choose rapeseed oil-it will be called vegetable oil on the front but will say rapeseed somewhere on the back.

      We need fat but why not get it from a handful of nuts, a portion of oily fish or a piece of cheese which will give you other nutrients as well.

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