12th December

Half way and our taste buds are tickling. Today we continue on the theme of low cost vegetables. A kilo bag of these is about 50p and you might just want to have some in for Christmas to feed the reindeer…

advent calendar 12th

You guessed it, today’s vegetable is carrots.

Carrots are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Don’t save them for the reindeer, they are delicious raw or cooked making them very versatile. These vegetables are harvested throughout the winter. They are kept from freezing by blanketing whole fields in straw and then harvesting when needed. Nature is amazing.

Today’s recipe is a classic but a nice warming soup for a freezing cold day. This recipe is from the BBC Good Food website. Carrots are also great in casseroles, bolognese, risotto, salads and even wraps (spread some cream cheese on a wrap and then grate over carrot – quick and easy).


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