21st December

If you work Monday to Friday you have just today and tomorrow left in work. Most work places are full of high fat and high sugar treats which tempt us to eating far too much. This vegetable has often been seen as a weight loss aid because it is low in calories and high in fibre but most veg could fit this category.

advent calendar 21st


Celery is an good source of vitamin K (needed for healthy blood), molybdenum (needed for the breakdown of amino acids, folate, potassium, and fibre. It is full of flavour and is great in stews and soups.

Today’s recipe idea is a way to get some calcium and fibre without the empty calories. Simply put some low fat cream cheese into the middle of the celery sticks and you have an attractive nibble with a few more nutrients than the stollen bites! You could also try filling them with mackerel pate and get some omega 3 in the process.

Published by Aliya Porter

An experienced Registered Nutritionist helping you to live healthily without breaking the bank or chaining you to the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “21st December

  1. Great idea! I love celery as part of a stew cooked in the slow cooker or dipped in houmous instead of tortilla chips.

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