My child won’t eat

Fussy eating comes in lots of different forms but it almost always creates stress. Does it create stress in your house? You are not alone. I have had plenty of parents share their stories of fussy eating with me and stress is a common denominator. The trouble is the more stress surrounds your child’s eating, the more fussy they are likely to become. Being able to take a step back is helpful. Having a friend round to support you during a mealtime may help give another perspective too.

I recently wrote an article for NHD magazine, a magazine for nutrition professionals about fussy eating which you may find helpful. Bear in mind it has been written for professionals who are looking to support families but there are some things to rule out and also some things to try with your child.

The article can be found here starting at page 15

If you need further help, please do get in touch, if I can’t help, I will be able to point you in the right direction.

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