Post pregnancy weight loss

I had my second baby 7 weeks ago and have been thinking a lot recently about post pregnancy weight loss. Last time I put on a lot of weight other than the baby weighing in at 73kg at the 6 week check (having been about 55kg before I got pregnant). It took me quite a lot of exercise and watching what I ate to lose the excess. This time I managed to avoid eating to stem the nausea by drinking water instead. This time at the 6 week check I was just 66kg. I have a way to go to loss the excess this time although some of that won’t happen until I stop breastfeeding.

Why am I writing about this?

I think we women can be incredibly hard on ourselves. We can also help ourselves by not eating for 2 when we are pregnant but just eating normally and having healthy snacks if we need something extra. The less weight we put on in pregnancy (and we do need to put on some – dieting is not recommended in pregnancy), the less we have to lose later. That said, we need to make sure we get enough to keep us and our baby healthy and then once it is born enough to produce high quality milk without depleting our bodies.

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