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Eatwell Plate becomes the Eatwell Guide

Last month the plate diagram, which shows us what a healthy, balanced diet looks like, changed. The new ‘Eatwell Guide’ is:


The change was a result of a review of the latest scientific research as well as consultation with professionals. On the new plate the fruit and vegetables section is slightly bigger than before – still promoting for 5 a day. The food and drinks high in fat and sugar has been removed leaving just an ‘oils and spreads’ section. This shows us that we don’t need foods and drinks high in fat an sugar for a healthy diet. If we do consume them, they should be eaten less often and in small amounts.

The challenge for us all is the same. To eat a diet which has a good variety of fruit and vegetables, base meals on higher fibre or wholegrain starchy foods, have less fat and sugar and eat a few portions of lower fat and sugar dairy foods.

What are your thoughts on the new guide?





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