3rd December

So we are 3 days in and what would make the perfect Sunday dinner? We are not going roast dinner this time but it’s still a British classic. This root vegetable often gets overlooked but it is great mashed or diced as a vegetable side or put in recipes like my suggestion below.

advent calendar 3rd

Today’s vegetable is swede

Swede is often quite low cost and helps add a bit of variety to our plates. I think it is delicious mashed with potatoes on a shepherd’s pie (just wash, peel and cut up as you would potatoes for your mash. Simply swap half the potato in the recipe for swede in this BBC Good Food recipe and you add in a portion of your 5 a day. Make sure you use reduced salt stock!

Bon appetit!


What else do you use swede in? Add it to the comments below.

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