4th December

On the 4th day of advent the greengrocer brought to me….

advent calendar 4th

A bag of frozen peas!

So you might of hated these at school but the trick is not to overcook them. They are blanches before they are frozen so you basically need to defrost them. Put them in boiling water for a few minutes til they are hot and serve them quick. There is no need to cook frozen peas. And, there is no need to salt them. They taste delicious just as they are.

Peas are part of the legume family which means not only are they an excellent source of fibre, vitamins and minerals but they are also contain protein.

Peas can be used in salads, in stir fries, as a side, in dips, in sauces (like pesto) and more. This recipe for lemon and pea risotto from Tutto Bene uses their Parmesan but if you can’t get hold of it, other Parmesan will work too.

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