5th December

As we continue the countdown to Christmas and we start getting worried about all the things we still need to do, we need to remember that life still happens each day before Christmas and every day after too. We need to look after ourselves and keep our bodies healthy.

Often confined to a pickling jar, this vegetable is often overlooked.

advent calendar 5th


Beetroot is a good source of iron and folate. It is also contains antioxidants and fibre.

Today I am not going to give you a specific recipe to try but rather suggest you buy some raw beetroot and grate it into your salad. It gives a nice change to grated carrot and adds colour too.

Although you will get some nutritional value from pickled beetroot you will also get added salt and sugar you don’t need so I would recommend raw or cooked beetroot as part of your 5 a day rather than pickled.

Next summer you could even try growing your own – it’s very easy!

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