17th December

Due to global trade we are fortunate enough to have access to fruit and veg we can’t grow here in winter. This vegetable is in fact very easy to grow in the UK – even in Manchester!) but not in December. Perhaps it is something to think about for next year. If you have a small patch of garden or a balcony which gets some sun, you can grow these – just be aware you might not get to cook with them as you will no doubt eat them straight off the plant!

advent calendar 17th

Today’s vegetable is mangetout

Mangetout are young peas which means you can eat the pod as well as the peas. There are special varieties which mean the pod is even more tender than your standard pea pod. They are a source of folic acid and vitamin B1 as well as potassium.

Mangetout are great eaten raw so today’s suggestion is to swap one of your non fruit and veg snacks for some mangetout and homous. Mangetout are also great in Thai red and green curries and in stir fries.


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