18th December

Only a week until Christmas. For many of us, we have already started consuming Christmas treats and perhaps our capacity to eat our 5 a day seems diminished. Our bodies need our 5 a day more than it needs the Christmas treats though so the challenge is to prioritise. I’m not saying no to Christmas treats but if we focus on our 5 a day then hopefully we will be able to pace ourselves on the treats.

Today’s stop on our greengrocer tour is another which we grew in our garden this year. We came back from holiday to a monster in the garden. The plant took up half the patio but it did produce some good fruit.

advent calendar 18th


In the same family as courgettes this vegetable is often ignored because courgettes are easier to manage. It often gets a bad reputation of being soggy and tasteless too. Marrow is a good source of vitamin C as well as providing fibre and other vitamins and minerals.

Today’s recipe is for stuffed marrow. This recipe is from BBC Good Food and it uses turkey mince which is a great source of protein whilst being relatively low in fat and often cheaper than beef mince.

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