How to lose the pregnancy weight (part 5 – BONUS!)

I said there were 4 things I did but actually I missed one really important thing. Sorry.

It is so important. It’s good hydration.

If you are breastfeeding this is even more important. Did you know that by 6 months babies are having about 900ml of milk? That’s a lot of fluid for you to be providing and the ‘manufacturing process’ needs water too.

Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, hydration is still key.

Why is hydration important?

  1. Dehydration can reduce our feeling of being able to cope with a situation. As mums we don’t need anything else to add to the feeling of not being on top of things.
  2. Good hydration can help with milk supply.
  3. Dehydration can make the urge to go for a wee even more urgent.
  4. Dehydration can increase risk of constipation – something which many of us had in pregnancy and do not want again if we can help it!
  5. Hydration helps to regulate blood pressure.
  6. Our bodies need water to just do what they need to do. We can feel tired and lethargic if dehydrated. We don’t need anything extra to do that with a new baby to care for.
  7. And from a weight management perspective it can help us to reduce the number of calories we consume because we don’t just eat because we are actually thirsty.

How did I drink more water?

  • I used large glasses
  • Drinking a glass of water as soon as I got up (well after I had picked the baby up if she had woken before me).
  • Drinking water with meals.
  • Leaving glasses of water around the house so I had easy access and the reminder to drink (this will have to become bottles of water when baby starts to pull herself up – or at least glasses on higher shelves!).
  • Having a glass of water when I felt the urge to eat something and then waiting about 20 minutes to see if I was still needing to eat.
  • Taking 2 glasses of water to bed with me to drink during night feeds.

How much water did I drink?

Everyone is different. The NHS guidelines are 6-8 glasses a day when not breastfeeding or doing lots of exercise or in cool UK weather. The best way to tell is to look at your wee. If it is pale yellow or clear then you are drinking enough. If it is yellow or straw coloured then you need to drink more. It is really important to drink throughout the day not just lots at once. How much did I drink? Between 2100ml and 2400ml a day.

Disclaimer: this article is for information only and does not replace personalised advice.

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