How to look after your bones – top tips

If you have listened to the Positively Ageing Podcast recently you may have heard some of my family history. Osteoporosis affected my great Grandma, my Grandma and is now causing it’s havoc in my mum’s life. Does osteoporosis run in families? Sadly, yes. But family history is not the only risk factor. Osteoporosis is sometimesContinue reading “How to look after your bones – top tips”

Should we go nuts this Christmas?

A systematic review of the evidence found in 20 studies (29 publications) by researchers at Imperial College London published today in BioMed Central revealed statistically significant reductions in risk of diseases such as cancer, stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes in people who ate more than 20g a day of nuts. Whilst there could be a numberContinue reading “Should we go nuts this Christmas?”

Are we eating too much salt in our diets?

Have you ever gone out for a meal or had a takeaway and then not been able to get a good night’s sleep because you keep waking up thirsty? As we try and cut down on the amount of salt we are putting in our food at home, many restaurants are still keeping the saltContinue reading “Are we eating too much salt in our diets?”