Supermarket manipulation tactics

I recently did a large Tesco online order. I was trying to work out the best buys and noticed the following: – The cost per 100g is sometimes completely incorrect – The cost per 100g is sometimes rounded down rather than up which suggests it is cheaper than it actually is – The cost perContinue reading “Supermarket manipulation tactics”

Healthy eating in tough times

Healthy eating agendas are slipping from view as budgets get cut on a national and local level. NHS and council staff are having to make tough choices. Do they reduce the number of doctors and nurses, increase waiting times for operations or do they cut the promotion of healthy eating? The choice is obvious, isn’tContinue reading “Healthy eating in tough times”

Weaning – the old fashioned way

I have recently been told that health visitors in Manchester promote so called ‘baby led weaning’ to parents, however when I worked in Lewisham, NHS London was not. Rather, they were giving it as an option. Weaning came up in the news again recently with more questions about whether exclusive breastfeeding to 6 month isContinue reading “Weaning – the old fashioned way”

Change4Life Supermeals

When Change4Life launched I thought it was a positive initiative, although very misinformed. Living and working at the time in a very deprived part of south east London with a high proportion of the population from minority ethnic communities, I felt that though the messages were great, they would not reach our population. They mightContinue reading “Change4Life Supermeals”