Vitamin supplements – should we take them?

I was recently told about this article which was published in Nature as a News Feature. It is a long and detailed article looking at what we know about vitamin supplements for the general population. It concludes that studies need to be designed better and we need to be better at analysing the data in orderContinue reading “Vitamin supplements – should we take them?”

Life is so sweet – or perhaps too sweet

Have you ever thought about how much sugar is in your diet? If you have, you have probably thought about fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweets, desserts, cakes etc but there is sugar in lots of processed foods. This article sheds some light highlighting yoghurts, tomato based pasta sauces, coleslaw, ‘enhanced water’ and bread. Surprised? You areContinue reading “Life is so sweet – or perhaps too sweet”

Eating your greens

There has been some interesting research published recently about children eating their vegetables. Check out  (now unavailable – edit Sept 2022) for more details. It goes to show that if you don’t offer a variety of vegetables, children will not have the chance to try them. I meet lots of parents who say their childrenContinue reading “Eating your greens”

Are we eating too much salt in our diets?

Have you ever gone out for a meal or had a takeaway and then not been able to get a good night’s sleep because you keep waking up thirsty? As we try and cut down on the amount of salt we are putting in our food at home, many restaurants are still keeping the saltContinue reading “Are we eating too much salt in our diets?”